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The selection of links documents current activities in web-design. By means of ten categories ...--> more

WEBDESIGN-NEWS: The recent new entries of the digitalcraft-collection

Who's we
Clear structure, imaginative design and quite perfect 3D-navigation elements accentuate this website of a multimedia agency.     --> more

The Kasander Film Company
An inventive website of a film production company. The colourful navigation reminds of the aesthetics of flipper machines and old arcade - computer games.     --> more

Website of a belgium electronica-label called “Quatermass”. A nice, well designed feature is the optical disturbance which seems to interrupt the dataflow - it appears when selecting one of the records offered.    --> more

Il mondo del Fubbs
Chad Gerrick uses graphics with historical content which he re-combines in game-like scenes. The result is not really a “game” but rather interactive and atmospheric facettes that dominate the overall appearance of the page.    --> more

On this website, you´ll be in vain looking for a conventional menu - in its stead, the principle of zooming presents a new way of navigating through a web page.     --> more

Myron Campbell, a canadian designer, uses surrealistic, even eldritch elements for his portfolio. All sums up to a rather collage-kind of style.    --> more

Murmur Music
Linear graphics full of animations, all on a grey-black checkered background: this singapoore label´s page is stylistically marked down to the most important features and therefore very compact.    --> more

Smooth but playful at the same time, this cartoon page for kids of 4 to 12 years deals with a little alien called “Crumb”.    --> more

The portofolio page of webdesigner Scott Richie from Australia. It appeals with a simple navigation and techno-like aesthetics.     --> more

Abnormal Behavior Child
Niko Stumpo considers himself an artist, not a designer - this statement is neither stereotyped nor threadbare. Take a look at his website and see for yourself.     --> more

Brittle Bones
Morbid worlds, undeads and nightmarish sceneries - Marc Stricklin presents a whole universe of entertaining horror in a unitary metaphorical tone.     --> more

Sophisticated website which manages to transfer artistic features of computer games to webpages.     --> more