About Games

PC-Games are one of the main focal points of the collection. At present, only a few games have been collected on which to build a history of digital culture. The Digital Craft project is a first step toward the construction of a platform that by means of a selective collection of links brings together and comments upon available information scattered throughout the Web.

We offer the following emphases:

Free games and abandonware, emulators, forums & reviews, portals & meta-archives, essays and general sites about games.

Parallel to the presence in the web, an archive of selected games will be maintained in the museum, which can be played locally. In the future, mak.frankfurt plans to establish a collection of contemporary and historical games, which - with enhanced server capacity - will be digitally archived.

Even now, the current debate around the long-term preservation of game code shows how important the emergence of potential interfaces between game manufacturers, institutions, users and developers is, especially with regards to the sparse historical evidence of the PC-Gaming culture. The mak.frankfurt collection situates itself explicitly in this strategic context and thereby sheds light on this part of the cultural history of the media age.