Webdesign: Jens Schmitt, Moccu.
Webdesign: Alexandra Jugovic, Hi-Res!.
Webdesign: M. Schmitt, Kaliber 10 000.
Digitale Musik: Anthony Rother, PsiNet49.
Digital artisans in interview: M. Schmitt, Kaliber 10 000

About Kaliber 10 000

Very shortly after its start-up in 1998, K10K or Kaliber10000 became one of the most important points of reference regarding web design. Being a fusion between an online magazine and a forum, K10K succeeded in gathering many important web designers due to its special program. Michael Schmidt, Token Nygaard and Per Jorgensen, founders and steady editorial team of K10K, for three years presented one own, special issue in each new edition. A web designer, a group or an agency create these contributions, which may consist of a particular screen-saver, interactive animations or graphically enhanced texts – everything of course visually adapted for the web. In this way by now 116 issues have been collected, they are available in K10K’s online archive. “The Community Project” is the name of the last recently available edition, in which twenty web designers are interrogated about their relation towards the web design community.

At present K10K is taking a short time-out until December 2001, in September though the makers, together with other well-known web designers, were invited to the second Electrolobby in Linz (Austria), to present themselves to the public. Besides taking part at this year’s symposium with the topic “Take Over; who is making the art of tomorrow?”, during the six festival days they created an online game together.

Peter Müller took the opportunity and talked in Linz with K10K’s co-founder Michael Schmitt, who at present is living as an independent graphic artist and web designer in San Francisco.

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